7 Signs You Should Consider Hydroponics Over Traditional Gardening

Posted on: 24 July 2017

Thinking about setting up  a hydroponic garden? Wondering if it's the right option for your situation? Here are seven signs you may want to consider hydroponics rather than traditional gardening:

1. You Don't Have Access to Healthy Soil

Gardening relies on great soil. If you don't have ideal soil, you can augment your existing soil with peat or compost. However, if you want to circumnavigate that, you may want to consider hydroponics instead.

2. You Want to Use Less Water

Although rainfall is up in general throughout Australia, there are drought conditions in some parts of the country. In particular, if you live in South Australia, you may be experiencing drought. Hydroponics can help to make gardening possible in these conditions because it doesn't require a lot of water. If you just want to save money on watering, hydroponics can also help.

3. You Have Extra Money for Set up Costs

Although hydroponics generally requires you to spend less money on water, it can be more expensive than traditional gardening. In particular, the start up costs tend to be higher than the startup costs associated with traditional gardening. However, the investment is often worth it due to the increased yield.

4. You Want Greater Yields

One of the reasons many people turn to hydroponic gardening is because the plants usually yield more. If you want a bumper crop full of lots of produce or flowers, then hydroponics may be the right answer. As it yields more, hydroponics also helps you make the most of limited space.

5. You Are Dealing With a Short Growing Season

Hydroponics also helps you make the most of a short growing season. When you go to a hydroponics shop to set up your garden, you get the equipment you need for your plants to come to maturity faster. Some plants actual mature 30 to 50% faster when using hydroponics than they would in a traditional garden.

6. You Want to Garden Indoors

If you need or want to garden indoors, hydroponics can make that possible. Some hydroponic set ups work outside, but they can easily work indoors as well.

7. You Have Time to Monitor the System

Finally, with hydroponics, you have to keep an eye on the system. For example, if a pump stops working, that could threaten all of your plants. If you have the time to monitor your setup or the ability to buy pumps with alarms so you can make changes as needed, you may want to consider hydroponics.

Contact a local hydroponic shop for more information and assistance.