• The Little Tool That Can Help Spread The Word About Your Business

    Getting your business name out there amongst the sea of other companies all competing for the same customers as you has never been a simple task. With modern advertising for small to medium-sized companies taking place primarily online, it can be easy to forget the power of physical marketing. Seeing something in person gives someone more of a tactile response to your advertising and can be a great way to perk interest in your business. [Read More]

  • When a Tattoo Doesn't Quite Mean What You Thought

    There are a few things that most people do when on an overseas holiday—things intended to immortalise the holiday in your memory. You might well do them yourself, whether it's taking countless photos to bombard your friends with on social media, or perhaps buying a number of souvenirs of your trip (and it's probably both of these things). But have you ever considered getting a tattoo while on holiday? It's certainly going to be a permanent reminder of your time spent in an exotic place, but it might not necessarily be the reminder you want. [Read More]