The Little Tool That Can Help Spread The Word About Your Business

Posted on: 11 October 2019

Getting your business name out there amongst the sea of other companies all competing for the same customers as you has never been a simple task. With modern advertising for small to medium-sized companies taking place primarily online, it can be easy to forget the power of physical marketing. Seeing something in person gives someone more of a tactile response to your advertising and can be a great way to perk interest in your business. While there are many options for physically advertising something, you should try to stand out, and there is no better way to do that than with stickers.

Why Stickers?

Stickers are great for advertising because they are simple, easy to make and have an interactive aspect that differentiates them from other types of physical advertising. You know yourself just how many flyers and business cards you get in your junk mail, but it is rare to see a sticker come through your letterbox. Stickers also appeal much more to children, so if you have a product that is aimed at them, then a sticker can keep it in their mind and subsequently in their parents' memories too. While stickers may not be right for every company, for those that are trying to reach children, families or young couples, they could be the perfect advertising medium.

Sticker Printing

When choosing what your sticker printer should create, you have a lot of different options to siphon through. With laminated, glossy and matte finishes, there are many options for what style you want your sticker printed in, and it is up to you to decide what style best represents your image. Think hard about the colours as well as the shape of your stickers, and think about who you are appealing to most. If you are trying to get kids interested first and foremost, go for brighter colours, vibrant images and fun shapes. Sticker printing is where you sell your company on a small piece of paper, so be efficient but have fun with it.

Sticker Delivery

After you have all your stickers, it can be confusing to know where to go to get them delivered into people's mailboxes. Luckily, there are many distribution services that can help you get your advertising into the hands of your community. Search for your local paper route and ask about the options they provide. You should also want to keep a bunch of the stickers in your store so that once someone buys something, you can slip a sticker into their bag with their item. This will help keep you in their mind for future purchases and is a cheap and fun way to do so that is better than a simple flier. 

For more information on sticker printing, consult a resource in your area.