The Benefits of Using LED Traffic Lights

Posted on: 7 July 2017

Most portable traffic lights use the super bright LED bulbs. They have actively replaced the incandescent lamps and act well on the streets as sign lights, traffic lights, and warning lights across the globe. Compared to other types of lights, LED traffic lights have many advantages including longer life span, low power consumption, and higher brightness on the streets, making them stand out as the most ideal light source option for the public. Here are some proven benefits of using them as traffic lights on the road.

Offers Perfect Visibility

LED traffic lights will still maintain good performance and visibility even in heavy rains, dust, continuous light, and other harsh conditions. They have been designed to emit a monochromatic light (single light wave) that does not need a colour film to produce the yellow, red, and green colour signals. In addition, the light produced has a specific directivity and divergence angle that makes it useful instead of traditional aspheric mirror signals. This ability helps solve fading problems common on most types of traffic lights.

Energy Efficient Option

The world is gradually drifting towards energy saving products, and LED traffic lights are among the top list factors. They offer a lower energy consumption option with the highest level of efficiency, with big senses of lighting applications. Other types of traffic lights offer approximately 80% of heat loss, with only 20% being the light. Therefore, a lot of energy is spent on producing a small amount of light for public use. On the other hand, LED traffic lights offer almost 100% of its exciting energy as light, hence the brighter nature.

Has a Lower Thermal Energy

LED traffic lights are operated by electrical energy running directly into the light system. For this reason, the heat generated is extremely low, and in some cases with no heat produced. A cooler surface of the LED traffic signals gives them a longer life span and protects people against risky accidents like burns.

Faster Response

A busy town with heavy traffic and continuous flow of people needs a traffic light system that responds rapidly. LED traffic lights offer the best option as they respond faster than other types such as halogen bulbs. Traffic congestions and accidents are reduced due to the fast response.

As a way of improving the flow of traffic in most urban centres, old and dead traffic lights should be replaced on an annual basis. For more information, contact companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd.