2 Reasons To Lay Buffalo Grass in a Shady Garden

Posted on: 29 November 2021

If your garden does not get a lot of sun, then you need to choose a grass that is more tolerant of shade. If you do not, then the shaded areas of your lawn simply will not thrive and look lush.

Buffalo grass is a good option in a shady landscape. What are the advantages of using this grass on your lawn?

1. Get Higher Shade Tolerance 

While all grasses need some sunlight, some varieties need more sun than others. If they have to sit in the shade for a lot of the day, then they can't achieve adequate photosynthesis. They will not grow well, so parts of your lawn might look thin and sparse. Some varieties might simply fail to thrive at all and will die away.

Buffalo grasses are more resilient to shade. While they do need a little bit of sun to fully thrive, they can make the most of the sun they get in shaded areas. Their broader leaves help them take any available sunlight and process it more effectively. They can stay lush and green even if they do not get a lot of direct sunlight.

2. Get a Hard-Wearing Lawn

Even some shade-tolerant grasses struggle in a darker environment. They might grow; however, their blades might be thinner and weaker than they would be if they got more sunlight. These areas of your lawn will be more prone to wear and damage if you use them frequently. The grass will not always be able to bounce back after damage. It might just not be strong enough to cope.

Buffalo grass is hardy and does not just have resistance to shade. It is also able to cope with wear and damage. It has longer and more resilient roots, which give it more stability and a better recovery rate than other varieties.

Even if a buffalo grass sits in a lot of shade and does not reach its optimum growth potential, it should still be able to hold its shape and position. If it gets damaged, then its deep and resilient roots give it the extra strength it needs to recover and regrow. Your lawn might not look as lush and green in shaded spots as it does in sunny areas; however, it should still give you good ground coverage.

To find out more, contact turf and grass suppliers, and ask about their buffalo grass varieties.