How to Protect your Balcony's Glass Balustrade from Birds

Posted on: 28 July 2017

Birds can be a nuisance when glass balustrades enclose your balcony. You need your balcony as well as balustrade spotless, but birds will not let this happen. If they find somewhere to perch, they will do exactly that and stain your glass balustrade with their droppings. People will approach you with solutions like hanging plastic owls or wrapping a plastic snake around the railing. While these might work for a while, they obscure the aesthetic look of the glass balustrade. Use the ideas provided in this article to maintain the sleek look of your balcony's balustrade while at the same time keep birds away.

Wax the Railings -- More often than not, the railings running along glass balustrades will be metallic, especially stainless steel. When dry, birds can easily perch on them. However, when you apply a thin layer of wax around the railing, perching becomes difficult for the birds due to the slippery surface. However, you should know that this strategy would not work immediately since birds will give perching several tries before giving up. Therefore, patience is necessary because it will take a while before birds declare your glass balustrade a perch-free zone. With no birds landing on the railings, your balustrades will be protected from bird droppings.

Hang Tin Foil -- As mentioned before, hanging random objects on your balcony will take the beauty away from your glass balustrade. However, a few objects can blend well with balustrade and scare away birds, for example, shiny tin foils, which can serve two purposes. Firstly, birds are scared of shiny objects. Secondly, the fact that tin foil is shiny makes it blend well with the glass balustrade. Take several tin foils, wrap them around plastic sticks, and hand them on the two corners of the balcony. As the tins move in the wind, they will shoot sun rays in every direction and scare away any bird flying nearby.

Translucent Tape -- One of the last things you would wish to on your balcony's glass balustrade is to stick strips of tape onto it. Your concern is valid, but only if you use an opaque tape. On the other hand, the clear tape would change the appearance of your balcony, but not much. Take strips of translucent tape and lay them onto the glass balustrade and spaces in between the pieces. From outside, birds would see the tape as an obstruction and stay away.