Why You Can Only Realise Your Dream with a Team

Posted on: 25 August 2017

If you have a vivid imagination you may have come up with an amazing idea for your home renovation. You may be quite clear about what you want, but now have to try and convert that dream into a reality. In order to do this, you're going to need a team of experts beside you, who will ask the right questions and take the proper amount of action. What experts will you need and how will they help you with your vision?


In the building industry, different tradespeople have their own level of expertise and each interacts with the other to bring a project to fruition. It's likely that you will need the services of a surveyor, an architect and a structural engineer and each one of these will provide their expertise at each stage of the journey.


To begin with, an architect has to take an elevated view of the project's viability. Will everything function properly and do all the spaces integrate with each other? This person will be the supervisor and issue instruction, ultimately, to builders as they carry out the work.


The architect may help you to come up with the design, but a structural engineer is the one who says "not so fast." They have to assure you that the project will be stable and strong, as proposed. The walls, floors and ceilings have to be rigid and well-placed and the building has to be built to last a long time. These individuals are highly trained and rely on specific calculations and experience to come up with their advice. They may call in electrical and mechanical engineers at various stages of the process.


Once these two experts are agreed on the way forward, a surveyor will then calculate how much of each type of material you'll need. Quantity surveyors come up with a shopping list and calculate how much everything is likely to cost, while building surveyors will oversee work as it goes on.

It's a Process

Don't be surprised if your initial idea simply won't work "as is." Often, simple realities call for modifications to an initial idea. However, the good news is that with a team of experts like this, what you ultimately realise may be even better than the original.

Picking up the Phone

Start converting your dream into a masterpiece by gathering your team of architects, surveyors and structural engineers together.

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