How to hire the best fuel tank for your site

Posted on: 12 March 2018

Whatever your industry, almost every aspect of your business is probably powered by electricity. Electricity will normally come from your commercial electricity company, but there are many circumstances where this isn't a practical solution. Are you are working in farming, construction, or mining, far away from any source of mains power but you need electricity on your site? If that is your situation then you will need to consider fuel tank hire. By hiring a fuel tank you can ensure that you can have heating, lighting, and power where you need it, whenever you need it.

Hiring your fuel tanks

If you are thinking about fuel tank hire then you will need to consider what type of fuel tanks will be best for your circumstances. Whether you want to store petrol, LP, diesel fuels, or lube oil, you need to find a tank that can safely store a large volume of liquid chemicals. Fuel tanks come with a wide range of capacities from 1000 litres upwards, all the way to 1000,000+ litres so you will need to give some thought to the most appropriate tank for your situation. You will have to balance the cost of hiring the fuel tank along with the amount of fuel you expect to be consumed each day on your site. If you are in any doubt how big your fuel tank should be it can be helpful to discuss your requirements with the hire company. They will have had many years of experience and will be able to suggest the best tank size for you. In addition to the size of the fuel tank you will need to consider the safety of the liquid you are storing. What safety features are built into the fuel tank? Are you just being offered a bare tank, or is it designed to minimise the risk of internal spills? Is the tank single or double walled?

Setting up your fuel tank

When discussing your fuel cell hire you will need to talk about exactly how you tank will reach your site. Look for a company that can not only arrange the hire, but also the installation and maintenance of the fuel tank. Whether you want a single tank, or a complete fuel system it is important that you do it right. Talk to your supplier and they will be able to guide you to the most suitable fuel tank for your needs and ensure that it is supplied and installed safely on your site.