5 Essential Spare Pump Parts You Need to Keep on Hand

Posted on: 11 June 2018

Unfortunately, even if you have the best water pump that money can buy, you are still occasionally going to need to do some repairs. To minimise downtime, you should have a repair kit and a few spare parts around. Whether you need Grundfos water pump spares, Jabsco spares or spares from any other manufacturer, here are some essentials you should consider keeping on hand.

1. Seals

When you have water moving through a pump, leaks are the enemy. If water leaks, you'll lose pressure where you need it the most, and the moisture can corrode parts that aren't designed to get wet. To prevent that from happening, you should have spare seals on hand. Ideally, go through your entire pump, identify every seal that it has, and have a few spares of each one.

2. Gaskets

Gaskets work alongside of seals and o-rings to keep water in the pump. They can be made of a variety of materials including paper, rubber, silicone, metal, and sometimes a combination. Because of the huge amount of variety with gaskets, you need to ensure that you get the right type of gasket. For instance, if you have a Jabsco pump, you need to ensure that you get Jabsco spare gaskets. Beyond just matching the brand name, make sure you match the make and model as well.

3. Impellers

A small but critical part, the impeller takes energy from the motor and uses it to drive the pump. If this part is not working correctly, your pump won't work at all. That's why this part should be near the top of your must-have spare list.

4. Fittings

Most pumps have fittings that allow you to connect the pump to hoses and other equipment. Over time, the threads on the fittings can wear down. Sometimes, a new seal can breathe life into an old fitting, but for those times when that's not enough, you should have spare fittings on hand. You may want a variety of fittings such as threaded couplings and swivel couplings. Then, you can modify your set up as desired.

5. Pump Baskets

Many water pumps come equipped with a basket which catches debris and prevents it from moving through the pump. However, over time, these baskets can become worn out and brittle. Then, water and debris can get all over the place. If you stock spare pump baskets, you can prevent this from happening.

To learn more, contact a company that sells spare pump parts.