Why Install Integrated Pallet Racking In Your Stockroom?

Posted on: 30 January 2020

Many businesses suffer when they grow simply because they cannot cope with the additional demands on their logistical operations. This is most noticeable in the goods-in and goods-out areas of many stockrooms and smaller warehouses because they become 'pinch points' that get clogged up with goods. Since many deliveries are made on pallets throughout Australia these days, it makes sense to use an integrated pallet racking system to speed your operations up. Items delivered on pallets can be processed immediately on arrival and go directly into storage with an integrated pallet racking solution. Equally, it makes it easier to prepare items you have in stock ready for shipment to your customers. Why else should you invest in pallet racking?

Maximise Space

Most warehouses and stockrooms work at, or close to, their capacity. If you are not making full use of your storage facility, then you are not operating efficiently. However, the full use of your stockroom's footprint does not mean you are also utilising its height fully. Since integrated pallet racks can be mounted from the floor of your stockroom right up to the ceiling, you will optimise this crucial business asset without increasing your overheads. By stacking your stock up on pallet racking, you will be able to operate more efficiently whilst preventing damage to your items because they are all stowed on their own dedicated racks.

Easier Stock Taking

With an integrated system that means your items are scanned and go directly into storage, fewer items will be misplaced or lost in your goods-in area, something that often happens at busy times. What's more, pallet racks are open on all sides so your stockroom staff will be able to access them from the back or the front. In turn, this makes stock taking a much quicker process task to carry out. Inventories are not merely less time-consuming but more accurate as a result of a professionally installed pallet racking system.

Picking Accuracy

As well as knowing what you have in stock — as well as what you don't — a rationally organised pallet racking system will allow your stockroom operatives to pick the right items to meet your orders. Because access to your stock is easier with integrated pallet racks, stock can be shifted around more easily so the items you pick most frequently occupy the most convenient spots. With greater picking accuracy, so your customer service will improve with fewer complaints about wrongly picked deliveries and so on.