3 Key Areas to Look at when Selecting a Hydroponics Shop

Posted on: 20 August 2020

If you run a small restaurant as the main chef, then you understand the importance of preparing food from fresh produce. Unfortunately, most restaurants order for fresh plants well ahead of time and wait for delivery, and in some cases, quality is affected. It is for this reason that most restaurants are looking towards hydroponics gardening. The approach allows restaurants to grow plants right on their premises, thereby ensuring constant access to fresh produce. Nonetheless, you need to source your hydroponics equipment before you do anything. However, finding the right hydroponics shop can be a bit of a challenge. This article highlights critical aspects to look for in a hydroponics shop.

Offers Odor Control Strategies -- When looking for a hydroponics shop, it is normal for most customers to go with state-of-the-art equipment. It might include LED grow lights, PVC piping, pumps, reservoirs, and grow trays, among other things. While these are critical to setting up a functional hydroponics garden, few restaurant owners forget about the strong odour that some of the plants produce during flowering. It is especially the case with plants that have volatile oils, such as herbs. The plants produce strong smells that can be repulsive even to customers. Therefore, the hydroponics shop where you source your equipment should also offer odour control strategies. The solutions can be in the form of odour neutralizing agent blocks and sprays or carbon filters that help to mask pungent smells produced by flowering herbs.

Familiarity with Different Hydroponic Systems -- There are different hydroponic systems, and they include drip growing systems, wick systems, ebb-and-flow systems, and the nutrient-film system. All these systems vary in the ease of installation, operation, and the best environment for each. Therefore, it is essential to choose a shop that can help you to select the best hydroponic system for your needs. However, this is only possible if the hydroponic shop in question is familiar with all the above systems and not just one.

Productivity Add-Ons -- Establishing the optimal conditions for your hydroponics garden can be time-consuming, especially if it is done manually. Chances for mistakes are also very high, and this can affect plant growth. That is why you should choose a hydroponics shop that also sells productivity add-on devices such as automated climate controllers. Once integrated into the hydroponics system, these devices help to control and monitor temperature range and water pH, particularly in complex systems, thereby ensuring an optimal climate for plant growth.

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