Three Simple Tips To Follow When Laying Your New Buffalo Turf

Posted on: 27 October 2020

Buffalo turf is one of the best all-round options when it comes to grass in Australia, with millions of hectares of it found around the country in homes, businesses and parks. If you have just bought some or you are about to buy some buffalo turf but you aren't sure exactly how to install or lay it after you get it, then you might be considering just avoiding this project altogether. However, laying buffalo turf is not very hard, and all it requires is a bit of forethought and understanding of some handy tips that will set you off in the right direction. Here are three simple tips that will ensure the area is grassy and looking good when the buffalo turf is all laid out.

Start At The Bottom Of Hills

If you have an uneven surface, as many people do, then you should always start laying your turf from the bottom of any hills and work your way to the top. If you have several peaks and troughs, then put buffalo turf down on all the lowest levels first and then work your way up. This is because, if you start at the top, you are more likely to get the spacing wrong so that it slips and leaves a bare patch at the apex. If you leave the top until last, you are far more likely pack it tightly, leaving no room for slippage.

Always Go Side To Side

When laying out any type of turf, but particularly buffalo, it is important that you do so sideways across your lawn, not vertically. There are a few reasons for this, including that it is easier for the roots to take hold, but also, in general, it is easier to fit grass more accurately in the space when using this method. If you lay out the grass vertically, you will have a lot of uneven spaces when you get to the edges as not all grass is cut the same length. However, all of your grass will be the same width, which is why it is easier to accurately fill out your lawn sideways. 

Don't Overwater Your Grass

It can be tempting to put as much water as you possibly can on new gardens in the hope that this will stimulate the roots to take hold. While you will need to water newly laid grass more than your already-established landscaping, you do not need to do so to excess. It is a good idea to water the new grass about twice a day at first, before reducing it to once a day and then every other day. Never lay grass in winter if you want it to survive, but seeing as summer is around the corner, now is the perfect time to roll out your new buffalo turf.

To learn more, contact a buffalo turf supplier.