• Aspects to Understand When Installing a Sprinkler Irrigation System

    A beautiful and well-maintained landscape is sure to increase the value of your property. However, routine irrigation of your garden is vital if you wish to keep it green all year long. Watering your plants every day can be challenging, especially on a busy schedule. Sometimes, you do not follow the right program, causing your plants to dry up over time. Thus, an irrigation system can prove handy in the maintenance of your garden. [Read More]

  • Are You Considering Buying a New Boat Cover?

    Are you happy with the cover on your boat? When your boat is first built then it undoubtedly looks smartly turned out, but over time there will inevitably be wear and tear, particularly with items such as the canvas cover. Boat canvas covers can easily pick up stains and start to appear tatty. If you think your boat would benefit from a new cover, then make sure that you can answer these three questions before you think about buying a new boat canvas cover. [Read More]

  • Why Install Integrated Pallet Racking In Your Stockroom?

    Many businesses suffer when they grow simply because they cannot cope with the additional demands on their logistical operations. This is most noticeable in the goods-in and goods-out areas of many stockrooms and smaller warehouses because they become 'pinch points' that get clogged up with goods. Since many deliveries are made on pallets throughout Australia these days, it makes sense to use an integrated pallet racking system to speed your operations up. [Read More]

  • The Little Tool That Can Help Spread The Word About Your Business

    Getting your business name out there amongst the sea of other companies all competing for the same customers as you has never been a simple task. With modern advertising for small to medium-sized companies taking place primarily online, it can be easy to forget the power of physical marketing. Seeing something in person gives someone more of a tactile response to your advertising and can be a great way to perk interest in your business. [Read More]

  • When a Tattoo Doesn't Quite Mean What You Thought

    There are a few things that most people do when on an overseas holiday—things intended to immortalise the holiday in your memory. You might well do them yourself, whether it's taking countless photos to bombard your friends with on social media, or perhaps buying a number of souvenirs of your trip (and it's probably both of these things). But have you ever considered getting a tattoo while on holiday? It's certainly going to be a permanent reminder of your time spent in an exotic place, but it might not necessarily be the reminder you want. [Read More]

  • Strengthen Your Next Project By Using Steel

    With over 5 million tonnes of steel produced in Australia every year, it is no surprise that steel is one of the country's favourite materials for use in the creation of almost everything from railways to skyscrapers and everything in between. If you are constructing a new house or small business building, then you should consider using steel. Not only is it widely available, but there are many benefits that it has over other, comparable materials. [Read More]

  • 5 Essential Spare Pump Parts You Need to Keep on Hand

    Unfortunately, even if you have the best water pump that money can buy, you are still occasionally going to need to do some repairs. To minimise downtime, you should have a repair kit and a few spare parts around. Whether you need Grundfos water pump spares, Jabsco spares or spares from any other manufacturer, here are some essentials you should consider keeping on hand. 1. Seals When you have water moving through a pump, leaks are the enemy. [Read More]

  • How to hire the best fuel tank for your site

    Whatever your industry, almost every aspect of your business is probably powered by electricity. Electricity will normally come from your commercial electricity company, but there are many circumstances where this isn't a practical solution. Are you are working in farming, construction, or mining, far away from any source of mains power but you need electricity on your site? If that is your situation then you will need to consider fuel tank hire. [Read More]

  • What Is Typically Included in Fire and Safety Inspections for a Commercial Property

    If you own or manage any type of commercial property, that building will probably need to go through fire and safety inspections on a regular basis. This is typically true even of office complexes or small shops that don't have a kitchen, or any other obvious fire and safety risk. An inspector or someone from the office that issues business licenses can give you specific information about these fire safety requirements for your property, but note what is often included in these inspections. [Read More]

  • Two tips for running a successful jewellery business

    With so many jewellery shops around, it can be challenging to run your own successful jewellery business. Here are a few tips which should help you to do this. Provide your customers with a memorable shopping experience Many people buy jewellery for special occasions, such as an engagement, an anniversary or a birthday. As the owner of a jewellery shop, you have the opportunity to make the process of buying this type of item a wonderful experience that your customers will remember forever. [Read More]